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Candy Cane Bully Sticks (some odor)

$19.00 - $33.00
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Product Description

Candy cane shaped bully sticks are here for the holidays! These measure 15" from tip to tip, and are around 12" tall and weigh between 15-29g each. Some odor, 100% all-natural, and sourced from free-ranging, grass-fed Central American cattle raised without hormones or antibiotics. These come in packages of 3. We have very limited stock, get them while they last. Happy holidays!

FREE within the United States.
Order to delivery time: 3-7 business days.
Shipped from Chicago using USPS for orders of 1 and 2 bundles, and UPS for orders of 3 bundles or more.
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To Canada: $11
To anywhere else: $18
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Ryan's promise to you and your pups
I understand that with a natural product like bully sticks, there can be great uncertainty of receiving what you expect.
That's why I have uniquely high standards for consistency, so even with this natural product with typically great variation, you can trust that you'll receive a consistently high-quality product with every single order.
If our bully sticks don't work out for your dog, email me at
and I'll provide a full refund.
Thank you for giving me and Bully Bundles the opportunity to serve you and your pup(s)!
-Ryan, Bully Bundles founder, owner, operator