What Customers Are Saying

"Kratos usually consumes most normal bully sticks within 10 minutes or so, but because your sticks are thicker than most, it lasts him up to 25 minutes!"


Mom of Kratos (50 lbs)

"These are the first bully sticks we have had that don't have that nasty odor!"


Mom of Lady (35 lbs)

"These sticks are much bulkier than the ones I get from the pet store. It took my pups a little over 2 days to go through a stick."


Mom of Finnie (10 lbs)

"I'm comforted that these sticks come from S. America and out of a USDA facility. I unfortunately still often see bully sticks being sold that come from much less reputable sources."


Mom of Maya (51 lbs)