Parent Approved

"I've saved at least hundreds of dollars on teeth cleaning due to the great job bully sticks have done on my pup's teeth — and my vet is pleased too. I also think bully sticks are a much safer alternative to rawhide, I had a friend whose dog had to be operated on to remove a large piece of rawhide he swallowed."


Mom of Chance (100 lbs)

"We give our dog a bully stick and he is occupied and happy for the next half an hour. They are the perfect treat to keep him busy while we eat dinner."


Dad of Finn (45 lbs)

"I love how clean bully sticks are. When Marcie chews rawhides, she leaves bones chips all over the place. Marrow bones get nasty on carpet and Marcie loves to chip off bone fragments, which can be dangerous. Bully sticks don't make a mess and they keep Marcie happy, which makes them the best."


Dad of Marcie (60 lbs)

"When I go to the pet store, I let my dogs pick a treat out and 90% of the time, of all the treats, they chose bully sticks."


Mom of Tucker (74 lbs)